#55word stories

I have started participating in #55word stories by @vivekisms

He announces a new theme everyday on twitter  and anyone who wants to participate, has to submit their stories till the end of the day. Then at the end of the day, he puts all of  them on his blog as a post.

I found this concept so interesting that even though I am new to writing, I ended up participating and now I am totally into it.

Here are some of the stories i wrote in past days, since my blog was down, I couldn’t post them here.


The ice chilling water of Beas and getting ready for the white water rafting was so exciting for her that even though she was dead nervous, she was all set. They started sailing, water splashing and she was enjoying, shouting with the thrill, suddenly her life jacket lock broke and she went into the river.


She was a research scientist and kept experimenting with chemicals and studying chemical reactions. She also knew water compositions and different states of water in different temperatures. She had also read on how humans could survive in ice cold water. That is why she could survive from hypothermia that she got in that rafting accident.


She always preferred a low key profile. She was a very renowned scientist but never showed off. She never fancied owning brands. She was always clad with cotton sarees, very minimal or no jewellery, regular comfortable footwear and a purse which could hold things she wanted to carry. She always loved to be this way.


Though she was back to the routine, there was something wrong which the family members could spot. Unusual forgetfulness, lack of ability to comprehend or understand things, miss out on details, were all suddenly spotted in her. Initially, no one could guess the reason, only later they found that hypothermia had left its side effects.


She always thought that she was missing something but couldn’t recollect what it was. Now that she was recovering well, she realized that it was her antique pocket watch which her father got her from london when she was in school. She loved it so much that she always carried it along with her everywhere.


I was her favourite pocket clock, her lucky charm, always with her all the time wherever she went. She always thought I will bring her good luck if I am with her but that one rafting accident made her forget me completely and I am now lying in the suitcase her maid threw me in.


Once when she was experimenting in the lab, mixing chemicals, some vapours started coming out of the reaction. She got scared and a bit worried as those could be harmful and even poisonous. But when the vapours stopped, she couldn’t believe her eyes. Beautiful colours in separate layers forming a kind of nice rainbow look!


He loved social media; his life was an open book. Never thought twice before tweeting anything that came his way which started becoming a bottleneck when he cribbed about his professional life and clients he worked with. He wished he had a social network for himself where he could freely crib about anything he wanted.

Please share your feedback on how are the stories and what can i do to improvise them 🙂






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  1. Luke Avatar

    Wow… I never really knew there was an ongoing competition. Here’s me writing 55 words just for fun!

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