Black beauties!

Black is one of my most favorite colors and following are my most wanted black items in the list.

Black sky with twinkling stars

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There is so much in this universe than just the planet earth. So many tiny looking stars in the sky which make up for the galaxy. I just find myself at peace when I get to watch that dark black sky in the night with countless number of small little stars. And if that’s at the sea shore/beach, just perfect!

Black gadgets



I love my gadgets to be black! Be it laptop, mobile, camera, headphones, external hard disks, portables …

Black cloths



Shopping doesn’t excite me a lot. I hate that idea of searching through and trying hell of different cloths to choose a few. What comes to my rescue is my favorite black color. Anything black is a must to have!

Black long hair



My hair is brown in color naturally but then I crave for that long black hair!

Black n white images


Being in a profession of web/media, I play a lot with colors. But then nothing beats those black and white images /art work! The charm is totally different!


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