Happy Birthday!!


Since the rise of social networks, people have forgotten to remember special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries etc. Only when someone sees the birthday notification on Facebook, he/she wishes the person there. Most of the people today, when they visit FB, first wish the people for their birthdays but then are those wishes really worth? Think again!

Gone are the days when people used to maintain calendars / diaries to note down birthdays, later came in Google calendar to keep the list digitally accessible and now with Facebook etc., no one does any of those.

I did an experiment on this birthday of mine, result was quite as expected.

I turned off my birthday notification so that no one gets to know when my birthday is.

So, what happens if someone is not on FB, or has not put his / her birthday public? Well, people don’t wish, simple! And that’s what happened with me. No one wished me on FB but I got calls from all those who cared to remember my birthday and that made it more special for me than the FB wishes.

And then, I did a check in on FB mentioning my birthday, I got only a couple of wishes. Does that mean, people don’t follow your wall posts as well ?

The bottom line is I got saved from replying to all those people who would have sent mandatory birthday wishes on FB. It would have been practically impossible to reply to all of them 😛



Disclaimer: I don’t mean to say one shouldn’t wish on FB etc but yes, the whole remembering occasions scene is disappearing and that’s the only point I tried to make with this post. 







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