Khaike paan banaras wala …

sweet paan

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The moment one hears the word Paan, quite many things come in mind like –

  1. Famous song from the movie ‘Don’, Khaike paan banaras wala
  2. Banarasi, calcutti, saada, meetha, maghai paan and many more varieties
  3. People chewing paan and spitting anywhere and everywhere (yuck .. when will  these people stop spitting)
  4. Movies depicting Royal times which show the importance of offering ‘Paan’ to guests as a part of hospitality gesture
  5. Small paan patti shops at the corners of many roads ..
You must be wondering what am I trying to say ?

Well, paan or betel-quid as they call it, is considered to be good to chew specially after a very heavy/spicy meal, a maghai or meetha paan, for digestive purposes. It acts as a coolant and breath freshener.

Ok you got my point but still not sure in what context ?

This Mall culture in metros has got the best restaurants and food joints in the malls but once you finish eating there and you feel like having a meetha paan post meal, you have no option right there. Yes, have you seen any such paan shop at any malls ? No, I am not saying they should sell paan with tobacco and all but at least a sweet paan shop.

I am sure if someone picks up this idea and starts something in any mall, one would witness the huge crowd there post meal to have a coolant, breath freshener as the mall would be the most hygienic place to make a paan with no flies and mosquitoes like the streets.

Makes sense now ? any takers ?





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