Scene 1: It’s been over 3 days and hubby has still not shaved. He generally shaves every alternate days.

Me: Why are you not shaving these days?

He: I have decided to sport a stubble.

Me: Why?!

He: People don’t take me seriously at work. I need to look more mature.

Me: !!!!

Scene 2: I decide to try and convince him that whatever he thinks is not true

Me: You know what, it is just an assumption by men that if they sport a stubble, they look more mature.

He: No, I have been meeting clients and they don’t seem to take me seriously.

Me: What do you mean by not take you seriously? Do they not give you projects?

He: I do get projects but still.

Me: If you have to interview two men, one with stubble and one without, whom would you choose?

He: I don’t know. It would also matter who has more experience and skill sets.

Me: Exactly. So it ideally doesn’t matter whether a man has stubble or no!

He: No, I still feel I need to have a stubble to be able to look more mature and serious.

Me: If you notice all the male film actors, even they look the best clean shaven!

He: but they still change the look as per the movie!

Me: Aaaaarrrrrggggggggggghhhhhhh!!!!!

Scene 3: Party Invite

He: Honey, we have to go for a party tonight. Make sure you are all dressed up and look the way I want to see you 😉

Me: Of course Darling 🙂

Scene 4:  Hubby comes home and we get ready for the party

Me: So what are you going to wear?

He: I am wearing my favurite black party shirt.

Me: And the stubble?

He: Naaaa, I am going to keep that. I look cool!! What are you wearing?

Me: I had bought this nice dress that I wanted to wear but I am rethinking now. (showing him the dress and checking his reaction)

He: Why? Wear that na, You’ll look beautiful.

Me: Yep I know but only one condition.

He: What condition?

Me: You have to shave and look the way I like you always!! I hate your stubble and you know that!

He: Stunned!!

He did shave as he desperately wanted to see me in that dress, but again the same story the next day onwards 🙁

Scene 5: We go out for a dinner (this time I choose not to argue with him for shaving before going on dinner as I was anyways tired of all the tricks and arguments)

There was cute little girl next table where we were having dinner.

Me: Isn’t that kid so cute?

He: yeah. (and he started playing with her, making faces etc.)

Me to the kid: give me a kissy na?

(Kid gave me a kiss and I reciprocated)

Me to the kid: Now give a kissy to uncle?

Kid: No and she started ignoring my hubby

Me to the kid: Why are you not giving kissy to uncle? you don’t like him?

Kid: That thing hurts (pointing to his stubble)!!

Hubby: 😐 !!!

Me: Wide grin 😀 (I have done that so many times to him and it doesn’t even matter to him! This kid taught him a good lesson)

Don’t even think that after that episode, he again started sporting clean shaven look. Noooooooo.

Scene 6: Outing with hubby. I met him directly after his office

He: Why are you wearing this stupid jeans and tee? You have so many nice dresses

Me: Because I wanted to wear this.

He: You know I don’t like these, still you wear it?

Me: So? I would wear what I like to wear. If I tell you to shave because I don’t like it, will you do it?

He: 😐 !!!

Scene 7: Over two months.

He: Why are you looking so different?

Me: different as in?

He: Your eye brows have grown and hands are not waxed etc. etc. Are you not going to the parlor?

Me: No

He: why? I that parlor closed down? You could try and find another one in that case.

Me: The parlor is open and running.

He: then why are you not going? You don’t look good this way. I like it if you look perfectly groomed. Look at your nails!!!

Me: Why don’t you shave? I like your clean shaven look!

He: 😐 !!!

Scene 8: Bathroom

He: what are you doing?

Me: Learning how to shave as I apply the shaving cream on my face

He: Why?

Me: Because once I practice, I can help you shave. You seem to be too lazy to do that !!

Scene 9: In my dream 

I hate that stubble and the only way to get rid of it is, give a sleeping pill to hubby, take him to permanent hair removal salon and get his stubble hair removed permanently. When he gets up from his long sleep, he’ll always be clean shaven 😀

But as you can see, the dream is just a dream and I cannot make it a reality. Sigh!

So, whatever we try, come what may, guys don’t listen and they won’t shave. It is really really hard to convince them on this. At times they are plain lazy and at times, they come up with such weird reasons which are not at all justified.  They want us to be well groomed, prim and proper but won’t listen if we demand the same. But then we can’t leave them like that, can we? 😉


Disclaimer: This post is a part of the ‘Shave or Crave’ movement in association with BlogAdda.com, everything that is mentioned is all fake and has no resemblance to any living  person or incident.



#55word stories

I have started participating in #55word stories by @vivekisms

He announces a new theme everyday on twitter  and anyone who wants to participate, has to submit their stories till the end of the day. Then at the end of the day, he puts all of  them on his blog as a post.

I found this concept so interesting that even though I am new to writing, I ended up participating and now I am totally into it.

Here are some of the stories i wrote in past days, since my blog was down, I couldn’t post them here.


The ice chilling water of Beas and getting ready for the white water rafting was so exciting for her that even though she was dead nervous, she was all set. They started sailing, water splashing and she was enjoying, shouting with the thrill, suddenly her life jacket lock broke and she went into the river.


She was a research scientist and kept experimenting with chemicals and studying chemical reactions. She also knew water compositions and different states of water in different temperatures. She had also read on how humans could survive in ice cold water. That is why she could survive from hypothermia that she got in that rafting accident.


She always preferred a low key profile. She was a very renowned scientist but never showed off. She never fancied owning brands. She was always clad with cotton sarees, very minimal or no jewellery, regular comfortable footwear and a purse which could hold things she wanted to carry. She always loved to be this way.


Though she was back to the routine, there was something wrong which the family members could spot. Unusual forgetfulness, lack of ability to comprehend or understand things, miss out on details, were all suddenly spotted in her. Initially, no one could guess the reason, only later they found that hypothermia had left its side effects.


She always thought that she was missing something but couldn’t recollect what it was. Now that she was recovering well, she realized that it was her antique pocket watch which her father got her from london when she was in school. She loved it so much that she always carried it along with her everywhere.


I was her favourite pocket clock, her lucky charm, always with her all the time wherever she went. She always thought I will bring her good luck if I am with her but that one rafting accident made her forget me completely and I am now lying in the suitcase her maid threw me in.


Once when she was experimenting in the lab, mixing chemicals, some vapours started coming out of the reaction. She got scared and a bit worried as those could be harmful and even poisonous. But when the vapours stopped, she couldn’t believe her eyes. Beautiful colours in separate layers forming a kind of nice rainbow look!


He loved social media; his life was an open book. Never thought twice before tweeting anything that came his way which started becoming a bottleneck when he cribbed about his professional life and clients he worked with. He wished he had a social network for himself where he could freely crib about anything he wanted.

Please share your feedback on how are the stories and what can i do to improvise them 🙂

Khaike paan banaras wala …

sweet paan

(picture courtesy – http://www.flickr.com/photos/rajaukil/3956107994/)

The moment one hears the word Paan, quite many things come in mind like –

  1. Famous song from the movie ‘Don’, Khaike paan banaras wala
  2. Banarasi, calcutti, saada, meetha, maghai paan and many more varieties
  3. People chewing paan and spitting anywhere and everywhere (yuck .. when will  these people stop spitting)
  4. Movies depicting Royal times which show the importance of offering ‘Paan’ to guests as a part of hospitality gesture
  5. Small paan patti shops at the corners of many roads ..
You must be wondering what am I trying to say ?

Well, paan or betel-quid as they call it, is considered to be good to chew specially after a very heavy/spicy meal, a maghai or meetha paan, for digestive purposes. It acts as a coolant and breath freshener.

Ok you got my point but still not sure in what context ?

This Mall culture in metros has got the best restaurants and food joints in the malls but once you finish eating there and you feel like having a meetha paan post meal, you have no option right there. Yes, have you seen any such paan shop at any malls ? No, I am not saying they should sell paan with tobacco and all but at least a sweet paan shop.

I am sure if someone picks up this idea and starts something in any mall, one would witness the huge crowd there post meal to have a coolant, breath freshener as the mall would be the most hygienic place to make a paan with no flies and mosquitoes like the streets.

Makes sense now ? any takers ?

Book Review – I have a dream

I have been reading books and have some really good one’s in the list already. So when Blogadda announced Book Review Programme, I couldn’t resist myself from enrolling my name there. So here is the first book review as a part of Blogadda Book Review Programme.


Rashmi Bansal, a very well known author, entrepreneur, blogger, who writes a blog called ‘Youth Curry – Insight on Indian Youth’, has three books by her already.

  • Her first book ‘Stay Hungry Stay Foolish’ has inspiring stories of 25 IIM Ahmedabad graduates who chose to tread a path of their
    own making.
  • Second one ‘Connect the dots’ has inspiring stories of 20 entrepreneurs without an MBA who dared to find their own path.
  • Similar to first and second one, the third one “I have a Dream” has inspiring stories of 20 social entrepreneurs, who found new ways to solve old problems.

Being a part of social venture named ‘Socialsync’ myself, I couldn’t resist till I got hold of this book especially because of the title of the book “I have a Dream”. Though the title is inspired by the famous speech given by Martin Luther King, there is also a very beautiful and inspirational song “I have a Dream” by Abba and I had made an abstract presentation based on that song some years back. I happened to hear this song a number of times while making the presentation and playing it for the gatherings and still remember the lyrics of it

“I have a dream, a song to sing

To help me cope with anything …”

This song fits so well with the theme of this book on social entrepreneurs who struggled hard to achieve their dream by ignoring and overcoming all the difficulties they faced.

As I started reading it, I found it quite similar to the first two books by her as far as the presentation and style of narration goes. It has the same format as the first two books with introduction page at the beginning of the story followed by the story and ‘Advice to young entrepreneurs’ at the end. Language is quite simple and again very much like the first two books, with Hindi lingo here and there, the author has tried to connect to a common man but then the avid readers could end up saying – ‘it could have been better’.

When I read the author’s note, I found one particular line very true – “The more you give, the more you will get back”. Isn’t that the same fundamental of giving which we teach the children, we as grownups forget ourselves ?

The stories in the book are divided into three main parts, Rainmakers, Changemakers and The spiritual capitalists. Rainmakers include those who believe in doing good without thinking about profits, Changemakers who take initiative to do something as it should be and The spiritual capitalists who believe in purity of purpose and selflessness of spirit.

As I went on reading the stories one by one, whether it is a story of Bindeshwar Pathak, a brahmin boy who was made to eat cow dung and all to purify himself by his grandmother for touching an ‘untouchable’ who later brought in revolutionary toilets ‘Sulabh’ and changed the complete phenomenon of lower cast and high cast in the society or 23-year-old Saloni, who was given complete freedom and space by her parents to plan n do things the way she wants and ended up with Desicrew creating a successful rural BPO and she says if more parents give such freedom, there will be lot many Salonies. Then there is Ishita Khanna who was a complete backbencher, had no interest in studies but loved only one subject geography and was fascinated about mountains and started orange berry processing unit, known as seabuckthorn, which is richest known source of Vitamin C and Vineet Rai, who began with Jungle and ended up in investing funds for social causes with ‘Aavishkaar’, a social venture fund.
I am not going to reveal any more stories here, all I can say is I found each one of the 20 stories so touching with unique cause and message to give back to the society and could feel the zest with which they went on to make it a success. But one thing is common in all of them, they are inspirational and depict the struggle these social entrepreneurs have gone through to make their dream a reality.

The book is an inspirational read, quite different from the regular stories and makes you realize how difficult it is when someone wants to bring in a change in the society. It is easy to say ‘this is wrong’ and ‘this needs to change’ but how many of us have the courage to get going to bring in the change? We all know it is not easy, it requires thorough determination and will to achieve it and if you have that, you find your ways and nothing in the world can stop you, as they say “when there is a will, there is a way..”

Youtube video of the song ‘I have a dream’


Movie Review – Singham



After a long time, I saw a total entertainer movie – ‘Singham‘.


  • Full paisa vasool brainless entertainment
  • Ajay Devgan is looking excellent
  • New heroin Kajal Aggarwal does her role up to the mark
  • Villain Prakash Raj has done his best
  • All the other characters fit perfect
  • It doesn’t have great plot or story nor does it have great songs, that would have added a bit more to the movie
Goof up
  • Movie is based in Goa city and they end up at Vashi’s Center One mall for a kidnap scene calling it Goa .. !!
  • Go for it and you won’t be disappointed. It is a total fun movie to watch.
[youtube_sc  url = http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mp-XqCrCi6I width = 500]