Scene 1: It’s been over 3 days and hubby has still not shaved. He generally shaves every alternate days.

Me: Why are you not shaving these days?

He: I have decided to sport a stubble.

Me: Why?!

He: People don’t take me seriously at work. I need to look more mature.

Me: !!!!

Scene 2: I decide to try and convince him that whatever he thinks is not true

Me: You know what, it is just an assumption by men that if they sport a stubble, they look more mature.

He: No, I have been meeting clients and they don’t seem to take me seriously.

Me: What do you mean by not take you seriously? Do they not give you projects?

He: I do get projects but still.

Me: If you have to interview two men, one with stubble and one without, whom would you choose?

He: I don’t know. It would also matter who has more experience and skill sets.

Me: Exactly. So it ideally doesn’t matter whether a man has stubble or no!

He: No, I still feel I need to have a stubble to be able to look more mature and serious.

Me: If you notice all the male film actors, even they look the best clean shaven!

He: but they still change the look as per the movie!

Me: Aaaaarrrrrggggggggggghhhhhhh!!!!!

Scene 3: Party Invite

He: Honey, we have to go for a party tonight. Make sure you are all dressed up and look the way I want to see you 😉

Me: Of course Darling 🙂

Scene 4:  Hubby comes home and we get ready for the party

Me: So what are you going to wear?

He: I am wearing my favurite black party shirt.

Me: And the stubble?

He: Naaaa, I am going to keep that. I look cool!! What are you wearing?

Me: I had bought this nice dress that I wanted to wear but I am rethinking now. (showing him the dress and checking his reaction)

He: Why? Wear that na, You’ll look beautiful.

Me: Yep I know but only one condition.

He: What condition?

Me: You have to shave and look the way I like you always!! I hate your stubble and you know that!

He: Stunned!!

He did shave as he desperately wanted to see me in that dress, but again the same story the next day onwards 🙁

Scene 5: We go out for a dinner (this time I choose not to argue with him for shaving before going on dinner as I was anyways tired of all the tricks and arguments)

There was cute little girl next table where we were having dinner.

Me: Isn’t that kid so cute?

He: yeah. (and he started playing with her, making faces etc.)

Me to the kid: give me a kissy na?

(Kid gave me a kiss and I reciprocated)

Me to the kid: Now give a kissy to uncle?

Kid: No and she started ignoring my hubby

Me to the kid: Why are you not giving kissy to uncle? you don’t like him?

Kid: That thing hurts (pointing to his stubble)!!

Hubby: 😐 !!!

Me: Wide grin 😀 (I have done that so many times to him and it doesn’t even matter to him! This kid taught him a good lesson)

Don’t even think that after that episode, he again started sporting clean shaven look. Noooooooo.

Scene 6: Outing with hubby. I met him directly after his office

He: Why are you wearing this stupid jeans and tee? You have so many nice dresses

Me: Because I wanted to wear this.

He: You know I don’t like these, still you wear it?

Me: So? I would wear what I like to wear. If I tell you to shave because I don’t like it, will you do it?

He: 😐 !!!

Scene 7: Over two months.

He: Why are you looking so different?

Me: different as in?

He: Your eye brows have grown and hands are not waxed etc. etc. Are you not going to the parlor?

Me: No

He: why? I that parlor closed down? You could try and find another one in that case.

Me: The parlor is open and running.

He: then why are you not going? You don’t look good this way. I like it if you look perfectly groomed. Look at your nails!!!

Me: Why don’t you shave? I like your clean shaven look!

He: 😐 !!!

Scene 8: Bathroom

He: what are you doing?

Me: Learning how to shave as I apply the shaving cream on my face

He: Why?

Me: Because once I practice, I can help you shave. You seem to be too lazy to do that !!

Scene 9: In my dream 

I hate that stubble and the only way to get rid of it is, give a sleeping pill to hubby, take him to permanent hair removal salon and get his stubble hair removed permanently. When he gets up from his long sleep, he’ll always be clean shaven 😀

But as you can see, the dream is just a dream and I cannot make it a reality. Sigh!

So, whatever we try, come what may, guys don’t listen and they won’t shave. It is really really hard to convince them on this. At times they are plain lazy and at times, they come up with such weird reasons which are not at all justified.  They want us to be well groomed, prim and proper but won’t listen if we demand the same. But then we can’t leave them like that, can we? 😉


Disclaimer: This post is a part of the ‘Shave or Crave’ movement in association with BlogAdda.com, everything that is mentioned is all fake and has no resemblance to any living  person or incident.







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