Zest experience!

We all live a routine life everyday. From the time we wake up till we go to sleep, we have fixed set of things that we do all the days. If it’s a holiday/Sunday, again we have a typical routine set which is little different from other days but then it’s again pretty much the same for all the holidays. All these at times get too boring and monotonous and we all want a change. Some do make an effort to bring in a change once in a while and the rest all continue the same way as always. So then what is that change or zest that brings meaning to my life and makes it exciting  ?



I just love to get lost in the dream world while reading books. The suspense of what will happen next and the way story unfolds, is the most fascinating experiences. Fiction is my favorite genre along with mythology/history.



Nothing can beat sitting in the balcony/window sipping hot cup of tea, watching the rain droplets falling and that wet sand smell. It’s heaven! And if it is accompanied with the favorite book to read, just perfect! I even love walking in rains but that gets quite clumsy at times in Mumbai due to bad roads with pot holes and dirt around.

Exploring new places/outing


I like to travel and love to explore new places. It gets really wonderful if the holiday is with the loved ones. Even simple outings like trying out a new restaurant / going to a new place near by / just a walk with my loved one / walk on the beach / gazing the sea is what I look forward to at the bare minimum. Backpacking tour to a favorite destination is the ultimate zest!



Who doesn’t love surprises, and I am no exception to that. Just not the surprises from the loved ones but the surprises via circumstances are the ones to look forward too. And if that comes in as a short break or a holiday to a destination I always wanted to go to, just awesome!

Be a child!

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Everyone has a child within even after one grows up. With growing up brings in a lot of changes and responsibilities and you forget the child within you. Once in a while, you want someone to pamper you, treat you like a child, make all your wishes come true, handle all your tantrums and the list is long here 😉


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